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Smart Residential EV Charger with DLB

  • Dynamic Load Balance
  • Charge with Your Solar System
  • Smart Charging Via App
  • Save More Energy Cost

Advantages of Smart Residential EV Charger with DLB

If you have a designated parking spot, installing a home charging station is the most convenient way to charge your electric vehicle.

  1. Utmost Convenience Make the most of your free time – it’s more convenient than visiting a gas station. You can start each day with a fully charged vehicle, meeting your driving needs effortlessly.
  2. Cost-Effective Enjoy discounted electricity rates, with nighttime rates as low as 2-3 cents per kilowatt-hour. This translates to a mere few cents per kilometer, allowing you to drive 5-10 kilometers on a single kilowatt-hour. Based on a monthly driving distance of 2000 kilometers, your monthly electricity bill will be just $100-$200, less than the cost of a single meal. Even less with solar systems. (Different cost in different countries)
  3. Maximum Safety Accident analysis reveals that battery fires mostly occur during fast charging due to thermal runaway, an issue rarely seen during slow charging.
  4. Optimal Battery Performance Long-term, slow, and on-demand charging are the most battery-friendly methods, resulting in minimal battery degradation and prolonged battery life.
  5. Grid-Friendly Charging your vehicle during off-peak nighttime hours helps balance the efficiency of the power grid system, reducing the need for grid investments and spreading the cost of electricity generation.
  6. Dynamic Load Balance helps adjust the charging current in time and avoid any breaker trip at your house. It helps you change safely and sustainably.

The drawback of Home Charging Stations is the relatively slow charging speed. Home charging stations are considered Level 2 (L2) chargers, with a charging rate of approximately 3-14 miles of range per hour (4.8-22 kilometers per hour).

Miles EV Chargers have a TUV certificate for type 2 residential ev chargers and a UL certificate for Level 2 residential ev chargers. Miles Energy always supplies high-quality and reliable home ev chargers to distributors, business owners, installers, brand sellers, etc, and helps them to catch up the electrify the mobility with worry-free service of 2 year warranty periods.

Residential EV Charger

Miles Energy supplies reliable and durable residential ev chargers, with a high price-quality ratio. Contact us to get instant quote today.

E30 wallbox case B
  • 3.5kw/7kw/11kw/22kw
  • WIFI+ Bluetooth
  • OCPP1.6J
  • TUV Certified
E30 Wallbox with cable
  • 3.5kw/7kw/11kw/22kw
  • WIFI+ Bluetooth
  • OCPP1.6J
  • TUV Certified
E31 Wallbox case B
  • 3.5kw/7kw/11kw/22kw
  • WIFI+ Bluetooth
  • OCPP1.6J
  • TUV Certified
E31 wallbox with cable
  • 3.5kw/7kw/11kw/22kw
  • WIFI+ Bluetooth
  • OCPP1.6J
  • TUV Certified
UL lIST Wallbox ev charger
  • 16A/32A/40A/50A
  • WIFI+ Bluetooth
  • OCPP1.6J
  • UL Certified
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Advantages and Features

UV Resistance
UV Resistance
Flame Resistance
Easiy to install green
Easy to Install

Logo Customization Service for Residential EV Charger

Miles Energy offers a flexible option for logo customization tailored to our customers’ needs. Our advanced laser printing technology makes it easy to incorporate your logo on the connectors of the cable, ensuring a branded charging experience. However, if you wish to display your logo on the body of the Residential EV charger, the process involves silk printing, which may incur a slight additional cost for logo printing.

We’re here to help you enhance your brand’s visibility and create a customized charging solution. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re interested in boosting your brand awareness with personalized logos.

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Charge With Your Solar System

Miles Residential EV chargers can work with solar systems including on-grid solar systems and off-grid solar systems.

Expanding your product range to include EV chargers for your solar system customers is not just a smart business move; it’s a strategic step towards a more sustainable future. By meeting evolving customer demands, enhancing customer loyalty, boosting revenue, making a positive environmental impact, streamlining installations, and future-proofing your business, you’re poised to become a leader in the clean energy industry.

Why Choose Miles Residential EV Chargers?

Performance test

At Miles Energy, reliability is at the core of everything we do. We take pride in our unwavering commitment to delivering products of the highest standard, and this commitment starts with our choice of raw materials and suppliers.

Trusted Raw Materials and Suppliers

We believe that the foundation of a superior product lies in the quality of its components. That’s why, at Miles Energy, we meticulously select raw materials and partner with trusted suppliers known for their unwavering commitment to excellence. Our suppliers and associated factories are renowned for their reliability, stability, and impeccable reputation.

A Commitment to Excellence

We firmly believe that high-standard and high-quality raw materials, along with trusted suppliers, are instrumental in ensuring the stability and durability of our products. This not only enhances the overall quality but also saves valuable time and energy when it comes to after-sales support.

ISO 9001 Certification

To maintain the highest quality standards, we require all our suppliers to follow and pass the ISO 9001 management system. This certification is a testament to our dedication to quality and continuous improvement.

Ongoing Evaluation

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop at certification. We continuously evaluate our suppliers to ensure they meet our stringent quality standards. Our team of dedicated engineers and our diligent purchase department regularly visit our suppliers to closely monitor the product process and inspections, guaranteeing that we maintain the highest level of excellence.

Leading by Example

At Miles Energy, we practice what we preach. We’ve installed the Wallbox EV Charger for our own electric vehicles, enhancing user experience and improving our team’s overall working performance. This sustainable approach is not just a choice but a reflection of our commitment to a greener and more efficient future.

Choose Miles Energy for quality, reliability, and a commitment to a sustainable future. We are more than a company; we’re your trusted partner.


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IEC 62196-2 EV Charging manufacturer
Miles Energy - Your Trusted Home EV Charger Supplier

Unlocking the Power of Dynamic Load Balancing: 5 Key Benefits for Your Home Charging Station!

As we embrace the electric revolution, home charging for electric vehicles (EVs) is becoming the norm. But managing the power demands efficiently can be a challenge. That’s where Dynamic Load Balancing comes in! Here are 5 key benefits:

1️⃣ Prevent Overloads: Dynamic Load Balancing ensures that your EV charger never draws more power than your electrical circuit can safely handle, avoiding tripped breakers and disruptions.

2️⃣ Cost Savings: No need for expensive power supply upgrades. Dynamic Load Balancing intelligently manages your power, saving you money on installations and maintenance.

3️⃣ Optimal Charging: Your charger adjusts its power consumption in real-time, responding to changes in your household’s energy usage, ensuring efficient and fast charging.

4️⃣ Charging Flexibility: Charge your EV at your convenience without worrying about overloading your home, even during peak hours. Prioritize one EV over another for faster charging.

5️⃣ Electricity Management: Monitor your home’s power usage and customize your EV charging preferences seamlessly.

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