SAE J1772 EV Charging

SAE J1772 EV Charging

Miles Energy is offering the UL-listed EV Charging Plug and Cables according to SAE J1772 for Level 1, and Level 2 EV Charging for North America. The Current is from 16A to 80A.

What is SAE J1772 EV Charging ?

SAE J1772, also known as a J plug or Type 1 connector after its international standard, IEC 62196 Type 1, is a North American standard for electrical connectors for electric vehicles maintained by SAE International under the formal title “SAE Surface Vehicle Recommended Practice J1772, SAE Electric Vehicle Conductive Charge Coupler.

For North American standards, we have to mention Tesla. Tesla has their unique and own standard and connectors. If a Tesla owner wants to charge this Tesla outside, except to charge at the Tesla supercharger, they have to use the Type 1 to Tesla charger adaptor.


Products list for SAE J1772 EV Charging

We are offering the UL-listed EV Charging Plug and Cables according to SAE J1772 for Level 1, and Level 2 EV Charging for North America. The Current is from 16A to 80A.  As well as the charging adaptors.

J1772 ac chargingcable

J1772 EV Charging Cables for Type 1 level 2 or level 1 EV chargers

J1772 ac charging socket

J1772 AC Charging Socket for PHEVs or adaptors.

J1772 to Tesla

J1772 to Tesla Charging Adaptor for Tesla owner

J1772 to Type 2

J1772 to Type 2 Charging Adaptor for European EV owners

J1772 to GBt

J1772 to GB/t charging Adaptor for GB/t EV owners.

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Advantages and Features


All the ev charging cables adopted TPU material, which is eco-friendly and recyclable and RoHS and Reach certified.

UV Resistance
UV Resistance

All the materials are strictly selected and tested to be UV resistance and avoided material aging.

Flame Resistance

All the materials are to be flame resistance V-0 degree. It ensure one important aspect of safety.

Easiy to install green
Easy to Install

All the products are designed to follow the princeple to be easier to install and reduce the labor works.

Logo Customization

Miles Energy provides logo customization service to help you build your brand better. We are using laser printing technology to print your logo on the connector. Only thing you needs to do is sending us your original file of logo.

Fast and precise, black and white color available.

laser Printing
Cable Color

Cable Color Customization

Miles Energy provides cable color customization service to help you to fit your brand better. Normally we have some green and blue cable in stock, of course black as well. For other color, please confirm with our sales.

Colorful cable to build colorful world.

Cable Customization

Miles Energy provides spiral cables to fit some special working scenarios. Sprial cables can work longer distance, but easier to reduce the storage space and circle works.

Space saving and easy to collate the cable to save your time.

Cable customization

Why Choose Miles EV Charging Cables ?

Miles workshop view
ECO Pakcage

As a professional cable manufacturer, our factory has over 20 years experience of in lift cable production, and over 7 years of experience in EV Charging Cables production. Safety and quality is life. We have ZERO quality complaint returns.

Our engineers utilize robust and eco-friendly raw materials in the production of our units. Together with innovative technology and equipment, we make high-quality output. Great for both commercial and residential applications

If you have any questions or would want to place an order, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales are ready to help you.

Miles Energy - Your EV Charging Manufacturer

Femaile worker
Customize EV Charging Cable or EV Charger

Miles Energy can completely customize EV Charging Cable , Plugs, Socket depending on your business/branding needs. From Design, manufacturing, to all process. With that, our skilled and professional engineers will provide mature and high level solutions for you to choose from.

Miles Energy is one- stop shop for custom EV Charging cables.

Female worker
Women Power

In our facotry, we can see many female employees. We believe that female also can be careful,  precise and dedicated enough in all of our production processes. We also have very high percentage of girls in our sales team.  We are very happy that we can offer the friendly working enviroment for all our female employees.

IEC 62196-2 EV Charging manufacturer
Professional and Reliable EV Charging Manufacturer

Over 20 years in the cable business, Over 7 years in the EV Charging Cable business, ISO Certification, Premium Quality EV Charging cables, plugs and sockets. Affordable Prices.

SAE J1772 EV Charging-FAQs

You can find some FAQs for some most asked questions related to SAE JJ1772 EV Charging products.  If you can’t find your answers, please free to contact us to get more information.

What are the products you manufacturing for SAE J1772 EV Charging?

Miles Energy is manufacturing the SAEJ1772 ev charging cables, sockets, and adaptors.

What are the advantages of your SAE J1772 EV Charging conenctors compared to others?
  1. Stylish design with beautiful appearance -better fit your brand concept.
  2. Flexible customized color to meet the needs of different customers
  3. Higher than the standard: special intenal waterproofing design to improve the IP degree to IP55 (working condition), IEC standard is IP44.
  4. Cables with TPU materials, Self Produced Cable, over 21 years of cable experience. Better quality control.
  5. We support OEM and help you to build your own brands.
Can I change other cable colors you don't show?

Yes, we mentioned the most common colors from market, you also can share your RAL color code, we will help customize it with low MOQ. Please conatct our sales to know the MOQ.

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