Direct Current (DC) Charging Station SKD Solution

Miles Energy specializes in production and engineering solutions, committed to facilitating clients’ swift transition to localized manufacturing. Leveraging extensive product stability testing and our experience in supplying complete units over the past few years, we introduce our comprehensive unit and SKD (Semi-Knocked Down) component solutions. We also provide custom casing, structural design, and design solutions for various standard DC charging station components.

SKD Solution with a Full Spectrum of Standards Miles Energy currently supplies clients globally with charging stations compatible with CCS2, GBT, CHADEMO, and Tesla for both AC and DC power. This ensures our clients can meet diverse market standards and demands.

ev charging solution

Our single-board control technology enables flexible combinations of standards, including dual versions like GB/T + GB/T, CCS2 + CCS2, CCS1 +CCS1, CCS1+CCS2, CCS1+ Tesla, GB/T+ Tesla, and various multi-standard combinations. We also offer triple connectors and quadruple connector versions with the same versatility.

In regions with a mix of electric vehicles from different countries, charging station operators face challenges in accommodating the charging needs of diverse EV standards, increasing the overall cost of station deployment. Our multi-standard DC charging stations are designed to address these challenges.

Miles Energy is also developing the High Power Charging technology with Liquid Cooling System. It will come soon.

Customizable Enclosures

Miles Energy offers a selection of standard product designs for clients to choose from. Early on, clients can become acquainted with the charging station’s structure and components.

Once proficient with the technology, they can create a unique design, with our engineers assisting in the internal structure design. This enables rapid design and production of proprietary products, and we are already assisting some clients with custom designs.

The custom-designed drawing will be provided to customers for local production.

sturcture design
Semi -KD solution

Flexible Shipping Options: Complete Units, Semi-KD, and CKD

We tailor our shipping methods to the client’s level of expertise.

  • For newcomers to charging stations, we recommend a combination of complete units and semi-KD parts. This approach allows engineers to understand the charging station’s workings, assembly, wiring, and testing, using the complete unit as a reference while practicing with semi-KD parts.
  • For clients familiar with selling but not producing charging stations, the same shipping method applies. Their engineers are already acquainted with station components and usage, and the complete unit serves as a valuable reference for assembly and understanding the intricacies of wiring and layout.
  • For clients experienced in charging station production, we suggest an initial shipment of semi-KD parts complemented by fully KD parts later. This allows them to quickly learn the products and assemble by themselves, later focusing on purchasing only key components like main control boards, power control boards, power modules, ev charging cables, and display screens.

Adaptable Cooperation Models

We offer various cooperation models to suit the needs and stages of different clients.

1. New clients benefit from a model combining semi-KD parts and complete units, focusing on mastering charging station technology and assembly for rapid market entry. We provide 1-2 days of technical training, enabling clients to grasp the majority of charging station principles and assembly.

Our training covers:

  • Study of schematics and principle explanations
  • Assembly and wiring practice with hands-on learning of assembly steps and precautions
  • Completion of a charging station assembly
  • Testing and debugging of charging stations with hands-on experience

2. Clients with sales experience but no production experience can follow the same model as above.

3. Experienced charging station producers may opt for a fully KD approach, focusing on core components and leveraging our strong supply chain partnerships for quality and cost control.

technical training
ev simulator

EV Simulator for DC Charging Station Test

Drawing from our extensive R&D and production experience, we’ve developed testing equipment that simulates electric vehicle SOC, message checks, and more. With a 20kw internal load for low-power testing and the capability to connect external regenerative loads, our equipment supports full-power aging tests.

Our EV simulator supports various standards, including CCS1, CCS2, Tesla, CHADEMO, GBT, Type1, Type2, etc., and features dual interfaces for simultaneous dual-gun testing. Compared to other market options that are either too simplistic or overly complex and costly, our testing equipment offers a practical, cost-effective solution for production testing needs.

Core Technology Transfer for DC Charging Stations

Understanding the ambition of enterprises to control R&D for rapid product iteration and local market adaptation, we offer a complete technical solution package. This includes software source code and hardware design files, empowering engineers to master core technologies and develop locally tailored products independently.

For those eager to enter the charging station market, gain manufacturing expertise, and build an independent R&D team, please reach out to us.

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Miles Energy - DC Charging Station SKD Solution Provider
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