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  • From 80A to 300A
  • TUV CE certified
  • CCS2 white
  • CCS 2 connector black
  • CCS2 Connector
  • CCS 2 Black White
  • CCS2 white
  • CCS 2 connector black
  • CCS2 Connector
  • CCS 2 Black White

CCS2 DC Charging Cable

IEC 62196-3 CCS2 is one of the most important and widely applicable ev charging standards in the EU and worldwide. Miles CCS2 DC Charging Cable includes Vehicle CCS2 charging connector and open cable end, as well as temperature sensor PT1000 to detect the temperature rise of the pins.

  • Rated current:80A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A,300A
  • Operation voltage:1000V DC
  • Mechanical life: no-load plug-in/pull-out>10000 times
  •  Operating temperature: -30°C-+50°C
  •  Case Material: Thermoplastic, flame retardant grade UL94V-0
  •  Contact bush: Copper alloy, silver plating
  •  Insulation resistance:>500MΩ(D1000V)
  •  Withstand Voltage:3000V
  • Pin Materials:  Copper Alloy & Silver Plating
IEC 62196-3 CCS 2 DC Charging Cable 
Current 80A/125A/150A/200A/250A/300A
Voltage 1000V DC
Charging Standard IEC 62196-3
Customization Options
Cable Length 5M/7.5M, or customized length
Plug Color white, black, and customized color
Logo Printing Yes
Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Life No-load Plug >10000 times
Impact of External Force 1m Drop and 2t Vehicle Run Over
Flame Retardant Rating UL94 V-0
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ +50℃
Protection IP55, IK08
Insertion Force <100N
Electrical Performance
Insulation Resistance > 1000MΩ (DC500V)
Pins Temperature Rise < 50K
Withstand Voltage 2500V
Contact Impedance 0.5MΩ Max
Cable Specification
80A 2*16mm2 + 1*25mm2 +(6*0.75mm2)(P2)
125A 2*35mm2 + 1*25mm2 +(6*0.75mm2)(P2)
150A 2*50mm2 + 1*25mm2 +(6*0.75mm2)(P2)
200A 2*70mm2 + 1*25mm2 +(6*0.75mm2)(P2)
250A 2*80mm2 + 1*25mm2 +(6*0.75mm2)(P2)
300A 2*95mm2 + 1*25mm2 +(6*0.75mm2)(P2)
Warranty 18 months
Certificate CE/TUV(Rheinland)
Packaging Details Standard export wooden package or carton. Or as per customers’ requirements
Delivery Time (days) Within 15 days, if quantity >100, to be negotiated
Logo customization CCS2

Logo Customization of CCS2 DC Charging Cable-Build Your Brand

Miles Energy always provides flexible logo customization services for customers. Helping customers to build their well-known brand. The laser printing technology is adapted to print the logo with white or black colors to be optional according to the color of the CCS2 dc charging connectors.

Send us your logo files to get the effect picture!

High Durability of the CCS2 DC Charging Cables

The cable adopted XLPO material and TPU sheath, which improved the cable bending life and wear resistance. UV-resistance and flame-resistance materials make the cable avoid material aging.

High corrosion resistance, Oxidation Resistance makes the cable perfect for working from the carport to the charging park of various places and destinations.

dc fast charging

Safe and Stable for CCS2 DC Charging Cable

Miles CCS2 DC Charging Cables are manufactured under the international IATF 16949 quality management system and ISO9001 quality management system. We insist on 100% inspection and testing for every CCS2 DC Charging Cable before delivery.

Never compromising on quality is our core value during manufacturing to ensure the safety and stability of each CCS2 DC Charging Cables.

Let's Make the Planet Greener Together!

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CCS2 DC Charging Cables

Most asked questions List

Is your 250A 300A CCS2 DC Charging Cable LIquid -Cooled?

No, Miles 250A, 300A CCS2 DC Charging Cable is an uncooled design. Miles Energy has unique designs from 250A and 300A DC Charging Cables, High Power Charging without the need for liquid cooling with increased conductor cross-sections.

Can we purchase the CCS2 DC Charging Connector only without wire?

Yes, we can deliver the CCS2 DC charging connector without wire. Before you purchase the connector, we would recommend you check if you can assemble the connector and cable on your own and have the test facilities in your plant.

And we can’t provide the warranty service for connectors only because we can not control the quality during the assembly works

What's your production capacity of the CCS2 DC Charging Cables?

Our factory can produce 1000 PCS CCS2 DC Charging Cables per month, as well as 20,000 pcs of AC Charging Cables per month. We can ensure the stability of the manufacture and supply chain.

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