GB/T EV Charging

Miles Energy is constantly making efforts in designing and manufacturing durable EV Charging cables and connectors according to the standard of GB/t for EV Charging.

What is GBt EV Charging ?

GB/t EV Charging refers to the Chinese standard ev charging stations and accessories made for Chinese electric vehicles in China.

GB/t 20234.1-2015 and GB/t 20234.3-2015 are standard and apply to vehicle couplers with pins and contact tubes of standardized configuration, such as dimensional compatibility requirements for DC and AC/DC pin and contact tube vehicle couplers, etc.

The most widely installed DC charging stations in China is 120kw with 250A charging cables. So the GB/t charging cables are designed with 32A, 40A, 63A, 80A, 125A, 200A, and 250A.

Products List for GB/t EV Charging

For Gb/t EV Charging, we mainly produce the charging cables and charging connectors from 32A t0 250A.

gbt ac charging cable (1)

EV Charging Cables for GN/t standard charging stations in China.

gbt dc charging cable

It’s for GB/t standards of DC Fast charging stations from 80A to 250A.

It’s a vehicle ac charging inlet for electric cars in China

gbt dc charging socket

It’s a vehicle dc charging inlet for electric cars in China

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Advantages and Features


RoHS and Reach Certified

Easiy to install green
Easy to Install

Open Cable End with multiple treatment solutions

UV Resistance
UV Resistance

Prevent material aging

Flame Resistance

Safe and durable

IEC 62196-2 EV Charging manufacturer
Professional and Reliable EV Charging Manufacturer

FAQs for GB/T EV Charging

Here are some most asked questions about GB/T EV Charging, you can find out if these are what you also want to ask. If your question is not on the list, please contact us to get an answer from us.

What is the maximum charging power for GB/t EV charging?

The Maximum charging power for gb/t fast charging is 350kw. The current will reach 350A. Due to the huge current, the nominal cable will be very big. As we know, the ev charging cable for DC is already very heavy. So a special liquid-cooled charging cable will be applied for a high-power gb/t DC Charger.

What is the standard voltage for Gb/t DC charging?

Generally, the voltage for a DC charger is between 200V to 1000V. But the voltage is decided by the BMS of the electric vehicle. Different EVs has a different design for the charging voltage. All our GB/t dc charging Cables are designed to work for a maximum voltage of 1000VDC.

Can I only purchase the GB/t connectors and sssemble by our own?

Yes, we can provide the GB/t connector only and also the cables disassembled.

What risk will be facing if we assemble by our own?

You need to assess the following risk before you make the decision :

  1. The assembly process condition is different in each country, which may increase the risk of more failures.
  2. You need to buy the relevant assembly equipment and testing equipment, which will increase your input in cables.
  3. We can’t provide a warranty if you assemble them by yourself, because we can not control the final quality.
  4. EV Charging cables are only a part of EV Charging Stations, so as part of an EV charging station manufacturers are doing the final assembly of the EV Charging stations. Are you still need to assemble every single part in your country?

If you already well thought these questions. We can continue to start with the connector.

What's the delivery period for the GB/t charging cables?

It depends on the quantity and production schedule of our factory. But we will arrange the fast delivery as we can.

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