type 2 socket
Type 2 EV Chargin Sockets

It’s designed for IEC 61851 type 2 EV Charger with a mode B connection.

  • 3 Designs of EV Charging Sockets to match different EV Charger designs.
  • 2 Optional Connections to make it easier for installation.
  • Socket T2 charger outlet
  • Socket T2 square
  • T2 Socket with Shutter
  • Two connction
  • Socket T2 charger outlet
  • Socket T2 square
  • T2 Socket with Shutter
  • Two connction

Type 2 EV Charging Socket for EV Charger

The type 2 EV Charging Socket is for a Type 2 EV Charger with a mode B connection. It’s most used for residential charging in the UK, France, Italy, and commercial charging in Europe.

  • Mechanical life:  no-load plug>10000times
  • Insertion and extraction force:  <100N
  • Rated current: 16A/20A/32A
  • Rated voltage: 250V/480V
  • Insulation resistance: >1000MΩ (DC500V)
  • Withstand voltage: 2500V
  • Pins temperature rise: <50K
  • Contact impedance: 0.5mΩMax


IEC 62196-2 AC Charging Socket
Current 16A/32A
Voltage 250V/480V
Charging Standard IEC 62196-2
Mechanical Properties
Mechanical Life No-load Plug >10000 times
Impact of External Force 1m Drop and 2t Vehicle Run Over
Flame Retardant Rating UL94 V-0
Operating Temperature -30℃ ~ +50℃
Protection IP55, IK08
Insertion Force <100N
Connection Mode Screw mode and Riveting pressure mode
Electrical Performance
Insulation Resistance > 1000MΩ
Pins Temperature Rise < 50K
Withstand Voltage 2500V
Contact Impedance 0.5MΩ Max
Optional accessories Elettrical Lock or Hela Lock
Warranty 12 months
Certificate CE/TUV(Rheinland)
Packaging Details Carton
Supply Ability 4000 pieces per month
Delivery Time(days) Sample: 5-10days, if quantity>100 Pcs, to be negotiated
Product Model Rated Current Rated Voltage Cable Specification
IEC-AC-16AS-3 16A 250V 3* 2.5mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
16A 480V 5* 2.5mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
IEC-AC-32AS-3 32A 250V 3* 6 mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
32A 480V 5* 6mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
IEC-AC-16AS-4 16A 250V 3* 2.5mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
16A 480V 5* 2.5mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
IEC-AC-32AS-4 32A 250V 3* 6 mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
32A 480V 5* 6 mm2 + 2* 0.5mm2
3 design 0f T2 socket

3 Designs of Type 2 EV Charging Sockets

There are 3 designs of the EV Charging sockets to match different design requirements of EV Charger Type 2. The square Type 2 EV Charging socket can fully replace the Phonix socket.

And the Type 2 EV Charging socket with shutter is patent design to match the safety regulation for no direct contact when the cable is unconnected. This will increase the safety of the ev chargers, which installed at home and public in the street.

2 Different Connections

There are two different connection mode for the Type 2 EV Charging Socket. This can make the ev charger design and installation more flexible and easier. Different customers prefer different connection modes, we are offering these two for options.

Which one would you prefer? Please feel free to tell us.

two connection mode

Applications of the Type 2 EV Charging Sockets

The Type 2 EV charging socket can be installed in all IEC 61851 Type 2 residential, commercial, and public AC EV charging stations. The EV Charger type 2 with socket is widely used in the UK and France. The EV owners already have the habit to bring one EV Charging cable with 2 connectors in their car.  No matter charge at home or at public.

For the rest of Europe, most of the type 2 EV chargers with sockets are installed publicly. Due to the cable collection problem, socket design is much more suitable for the street or community.


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