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Power Module for DC Fast Charging Stations

Miles Energy offers high-quality power modules for DC fast charging stations from well-known brands including Infypower, UUgreen Power, Huawei, Winline, Tonghe, and Sinexcel. The charging power of the power modules covers 15kW,20kW,30kW, and 40kW, including AC DC power modules and DC DC power Modules.

  • Multiple Brands available -guaranteed from original manufacturers
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  • Stable and Reliable Supply with Multiple Brands

The Role of Power Module in DC Charging Stations

The power module plays a crucial role in DC charging stations, often representing the largest portion of procurement costs, typically accounting for 40% to 50% of production costs or even higher. The stability of a DC charging station significantly relies on a reliable power module. The stability of the power module ensures the normal operation of the charging station and the safe charging of electric vehicles.

What roles does the power module play in DC charging stations?

1. Energy conversion: DC charging stations are connected to AC power, with voltages around 380V, 400V, 440V, etc. To achieve fast charging during the car charging process, voltage needs to be increased. The power module plays a role in converting AC power into high-voltage DC power, enabling fast charging. So the first function is working as an AC DC Convertor. In the V2G or V2X DC Charging stations, the power module enables bidirectional charging, it works as a DC AC Converter.

V2G power module diagram

2. Control and monitoring: The power module can be used to control the current and voltage during the charging process, and monitor the energy transfer between the charging station and the electric vehicle, adjusting output voltage and current as necessary. Currently, available power modules in the market support wide voltages ranging from 150V to 1000V.

3. Communication and connectivity: Many charging stations utilize intelligent control, allowing for flexible power output adjustment. The power module supports communication and connection with other systems, typically through methods such as CAN and PLC, for instance, communicating with vehicles and BMS systems.

4. Fault detection and protection: Power modules typically come with fault detection and protection functions, ensuring timely halting of charging in case of malfunctions or abnormal situations, protecting both the charging station and the electric vehicle.

Miles Energy aims to help customers reduce the purchase cost of power modules but ensure the quality and stability of the original manufacturers with extended warranty periods. Contact us to get an instant quotation and compare.


Power Module For DC Fast EV Charger

We offer various brands of power modules aiming to help our customers purchase power modules at a lower cost. Some customers don’t need large quantities at the beginning, we can help you to reduce the purchase cost by at least 10%-30%. The cooperated brands include Huawei, UUgreen Power, Infypower, Winline,  Tonghe, and Sinexcel.

20kw power module

The 20kW AC/DC Power Module has a wide voltage range with 150V~1000V, high density, high efficiency, and stable performance, making: UUGreen Power

30kw power Module

The 30kW AC/DC Power Module has a wide voltage range with 150V~1000V, high density, high efficiency, and stable performance, making: UUGreen Power

40kw power module

The 40kW AC/DC Power Module has a wide voltage range with 150V~1000V, high density, high efficiency, and stable performance, making: UUGreen Power

20kw infypower power module

The 20kW AC/DC Power Module has a wide voltage range with 150V~1000V, high density, high efficiency, and stable performance, making: Infypower

22kw infypower v2g power module

The 22kW V2G Power Module has a wide voltage range with 150V~1000V, Support V2G (bidirectinal charging ) making: Infypower

30kw Infypower Power Module

The 30kW AC/DC Power Module has a wide voltage range with 150V~1000V, high density, high efficiency, and stable performance, making: Infypower

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Support & Service

support service
24/7 Customer support

Our teams are on hand  24 hours x 7 days a week in case you have any questions. Our Charger Care Service ensures your charging station always running effectively.

Technical Traning
Technical Traning Support

We offer engineer technical training support to help your engineer know better about DC fast chargers and provide better maintenance.

training service
Assembly Traning Service

We offer assembly training services to those customers who need to assemble the charger or the power module locally and help them train their engineers.

assembly training
Consuntancy Service

We provide consultancy services to those customers who need to manufacture the charger locally and help them to build their production line and test procedure.

Disassembled Service for Power Module

We are committed to helping our customers reduce procurement costs to the maximum extent possible while ensuring original factory quality. Some customers in certain countries face high import tariffs on whole machines and therefore prefer to import parts. As a result, our professional engineering team and production department provide services for disassembling power modules to assist customers in reducing procurement costs.

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One- Stop Solutions for Power Modules & DC Charging Stations

SKD or CKD solutions for DC charging stations Including the charging controller, Main PCBs, Power Modules, Charging Cables, etc. are supplied by Miles Energy. We know the DC charging stations and know better about the disassembled solutions because we are manufacturing DC charging stations as well.

  • An electric diagram will be provided
  • Help customers design their enclosure
  • Engineer technical training service
  • Assembly training service

Contact us to get your one-stop DC charging station solutions.

Support at Every Step

In order to help our customers to be professional with DC charging stations, timely pre-sales and after-sales services are provided. As well as the engineer training about the basic knowledge and how to maintain the DC charging stations.

We believe that only the success of our customers can bring us success. Always seeking long-term cooperation and creating more value for our customers can help us to grow.

Contact us today to get your instant support.

application charging
Assmeblied & Disassembled DC Charging Station and Power Module Supplier

What key aspects need to be considered in the power module?

When designing DC charging stations, many factors need to be considered, as the power distribution module’s stability directly affects the lifespan and performance of the DC charging stations. Here are some key points that need to be considered in the AC DC power module:

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1. Power Conversion Technology:

Power electronics play a crucial role in power module design, for instance, Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (IGBT), Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistors (MOSFET), or Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOSFET for high-power applications. Due to its high-temperature resistance and excellent efficiency, Silicon Carbide is gaining popularity. For example, Sinexcel has already introduced a 40 kW Silicon Carbide (SiC) MOS DC power module.

2.Voltage and Current Handling:

The role of a power module is to convert three-phase AC power into high-voltage DC power, so the charging power module needs to be able to stably, efficiently, and safely handle voltage and current to ensure fast and reliable ev charging.

3. Thermal Management:

DC charging stations are often high-power electrical devices, and the DC power module is the main component generating heat, especially in hot summers. Therefore, heat dissipation is crucial. Typically, DC power modules will incorporate heat sinks and fans for ventilation and heat dissipation. The higher the power of the module, the more fans will be required.

4. Noise Level:

Due to the heat generated, additional fans are needed for heat dissipation in DC charging stations, leading to noise. Consequently, excessive noise can become a challenge in the operation of charging stations in some areas. Therefore, noise level is a factor to consider in power control module design. Options include using silent fans, incorporating soundproofing materials, and designing sound-reducing air ducts into the charging stations.

5. Efficiency:

AC DC Power modules must convert AC power into DC power also known as an AC DC converter, resulting in energy loss. Therefore, maximizing efficiency to reduce power loss during the conversion process is crucial. This ensures lower operating costs for DC charging stations and minimizes heat production, which means less energy loss. Currently, renowned domestic manufacturers’ power modules generally operate at over 95% efficiency. For instance, Infypower’s 30kW power module runs at an efficiency of > 95.5% at full load. UUgreen Power’s 30kW and 40kW power modules claim ‘Highest efficiency of>96%, rated efficiency of >95%, while Sinexcel’s 40kW silicon carbide(SIC MOS) module claims an efficiency of >97%. The 30kW DC power module boasts a peak efficiency of > 96%.

6. Safety:

AC DC power control modules need to include overcurrent protection, overvoltage protection, short circuit protection, and other safety features to ensure safe and reliable operation. Currently, AC DC power distribution modules from various brands incorporate these protection functionalities.

7. Communication Protocols:

Presently,  intelligent power modules have communication interfaces such as CAN communication or others. This is essential for facilitating communication and managing the charging process between the charging stations and the electric vehicle’s Battery Management System (BMS).

8. Modularity and Scalability:

Current power modules are designed with modularity and expandability, facilitating the expansion of power for DC charging stations. This also enables flexible power output management and maintenance replacement.

9. Standards and Compliance:

Power modules need to adhere to industry standards such as IEC 61851 and CHAdeMO to ensure compatibility with different standards of electric vehicles. Currently, the charging station modules we sell comply with the relevant standards, having obtained CE, UL, FCC, and ROHS certifications. Customers can make purchases with confidence.

10. Cost Constraints:

Charging station power modules constitute 40%-50% of the production cost of DC charging stations, making the production cost of charging modules an important factor. Therefore, Miles Energy facilitates bulk procurement of power modules through strategic cooperation, assisting customers in ensuring original factory quality while reducing procurement costs.

11. Environmental Considerations:

Currently, all the power supply modules we sell comply with ROHS and are safe for the environment.

12. Reliability:

Generally, all the charging stations are installed outdoors, facing harsh environments such as high temperatures, low temperatures, heavy rain, heavy snow, dust, etc. Therefore, power modules need to have high reliability and long service life. We sell power modules from well-known domestic manufacturers including Huawei, Infypower, UUgreen Power, Sinexcel, Winline, Tonghe, etc, all of which have passed reliability verification for use in domestic DC fast charging station operations. Customers can rest assured when making purchases.

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