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IEC 62196- 3 EV Charging

Miles Energy is constantly working hard in designing and manufacturing durable EV Charging cables and connectors according to the standard of IEC 62196-3 for EV Charging.

What is IEC 62196-3 EV Charging ?

IEC 62196-3 EV Charging refers to CCS Combo EV Charging, including CCS Combo 1 EV Charging for the North American market and CCS Combo 2 EV Charging for the European market.

IEC 62196-3:2022 is the latest version of the standard and applies to vehicle couplers with pins and contact tubes of standardized configuration, such as dimensional compatibility requirements for DC and AC/DC pin and contact tube vehicle couplers, etc.

CCS Combo EV Charging has a wide range of current and voltage, generally the current starts from 32A to 300A or even higher. The maximum current is 1000VDC. 32A is compatible with EV Charger DC 22kw. 300A is compatible with EV Charger DC 200KW.

The Voltage and Current for the DC Charging Station on the market
Voltage Current Power
DC Slow Charging 1 Phase 250V -400V ≤ 23A 7kW
DC Slow Charging 3 Phase 250V -400V ≤ 35A 11kW
DC Slow Charging 3 Phase 250V -400V ≤ 52A 20kW
Normal DC Fast Chargig 600V-750V 100A-240A 60-180kW
Tesla V2 Super Charger 480V 250A 120kW
Tesla V2 Super Charger 480V 500A 240kW
Porsche Super Charger 800V 250A 200kW
Latest Super Charger 800V-880V 500A-600A 480kW

Products List for IEC 62196-3 EV Charging

For IEC 62196-3 EV Charging, we mainly produce the charging cables and charging connectors from 80A t0 300A.

CCS 1 Conectors

Connector for Combo Charging System 1 is for North American market from 60A to 200A.

ccs 2 connector

The connector for Combo Charging System 2 is for the European market from 80A to 300A.

2 Products Found.

Advantages and Features


Our EV Charging cables and connectors are RoHS and Reach Certified, applied with TPU material, which is sustainable and environment friendly.

Easiy to install green
Easy to Install

We can provide pre-treatment with cables according to your requirement to make your installation much easier during production.

UV Resistance
UV Resistance

All materials are rigorously selected and tested for UV resistance and to prevent material aging after a long time of exposure outdoors.

Flame Resistance

All materials are required to be UL V-0 flame retardant. This is an important aspect of safety.

Logo Customization

Miles Energy offers a logo customization service to help you build your brand. We use laser printing technology to print your logo on the plug. All you need to do is send us your original logo file.

Fast and accurate, available in black and white color.

laser Printing
Cable Color

Cable Color Customization

Miles Energy offers a cable colour and connector colour customisation service to help you better match your brand. We normally have some green and blue cables in stock, as well as black of course. For any other colour, please confirm with our sales department.

Colourful cables for a colourful world.

Cable End Treatment Customization

Miles Energy offers a free service to treat the cable end according to customers’ requirements. Different customers have different requirements about the cable end, for example, some customers need to install a particular terminal to make the installation easier. Some customers need to install cable tubes like in the picture, etc.

Flexible service to help save our customers’ time.

EV Charging cable

Why You Can trust Us?

Miles workshop view
ECO Pakcage

Our factory has more than 20 years of experience in the production of elevator cables and more than 7 years of experience in the production of EV charging cables. Safety and Quality mean to live and to be lived. We have ZERO returns. 

In manufacturing our units, our engineers use robust and environmentally friendly raw materials. We produce a high-quality product together with innovative technology and equipment. Excellent in both commercial and domestic use

Please feel free to contact us to know more about the products.

Miles Energy - Your EV Charging Manufacturer

Femaile worker
Customize EV Charging Cable

Depending on your business/branding needs, Miles Energy can fully customize EV charging cables, plugs, and sockets. From design to manufacturing, to all processes. With this, our skilled and professional engineers will provide you with mature and high-level solutions for you to choose from.

Miles Energy is your one-stop shop for custom-made EV charging cables.

Female worker
Women Power

We see many female workers in our factory. We also have a very high percentage of female employees on our sales team as well. We are of the opinion that women can also be careful, precise, and dedicated enough in all our production processes. We are very happy that we are able to provide a friendly working environment for all of our female staff members.

IEC 62196-2 EV Charging manufacturer
IEC 62196-3 EV Charging Manufacturer

With over 20 years in lift cable production, Over 7 years in EV Charging Cable production, Skilled employees and a knowledgeable engineers team can solve your questions about EV Charging.

FAQs for IEC 62196-3 EV Charging

Here are some most asked questions about IEC 62196-3 EV Charging, you can find out if these are what you also want to ask. If your question is not on the list, please contact us to get an answer from us.

What is the maximum charging power for IEC 62196-3 EV Charging?

The Maximum charging power for IEC 62196-3 EV Charging combined Combo Charging System is 350kw. The current will reach 350A. Due to the huge current, the nominal cable will be very big. As we know, the ev charging cable for DC is already very heavy. So a special liquid-cooled charging cable will be applied for a high-power CCS DC Charger.

What is the standard voltage for IEC 62196-3 EV Charging?

Generally, the voltage for IEC 62196-3 DC EV Charging station is between 200V to 1000V. But the voltage is decided by the BMS of the electric vehicle. Different EVs has different design for charging voltage. All our CCS Cables are designed to work for a maximum voltage of 1000VDC.

Can I only purchase the IEC 62196-3 EV Charging connectors and sssemble by our own?

Yes, we can provide the IEC 62196-3 EV Charging connector only and also the cables disassembled.

What risk will be facing if we assemble by our own?

You need to assess the following risk before you make the decision :

  1. The assembly process condition is different in each country, which may increase the risk of more failures.
  2. You need to buy the relevant assembly equipment and testing equipment, which will increase your input in cables.
  3. We can’t provide a warranty if you assemble them by yourself, because we can not control the final quality.
  4. EV Charging cables are only a part of EV Charging Stations, so as part of an EV charging station manufacturers are doing the final assembly of the EV Charging stations. Are you still need to assemble every single part in your country?

If you already well thought these questions. We can continue to start with the connector.

What's the delivery period for the IEC 62196-3 EV Charging connector?

It depends on the quantity and production schedule of our factory. But we will arrange the fast delivery as we can.

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