Quality control
" Quality First " is not a Slogan. It's one of the key of sustainable development of a company.

Quality Control

Our factory passed the certification of ISO 9001 and IATF 16949 international quality management system. So we followed them strictly during our management. We followed the princeples of continous improvement, Emphasis on defect prevention, and reducing variation and waste and the PDCA circles during daily works.

We believe the sustainble development of a company is based on the continous improvement of the ability to consistently provide  stable products and services that meet the requirements of its customers and the laws and regulations. as well as to enhance customer satisfaction.

Design & Development: Our engineers followed the  rules of design for customer, design for manufacturing, design for assembly, and the advanced product quality planning.  They needs to consider the defect preventions on every aspect from raw materials, production, test and performance and product life etc.  Besides they also made detailed guide of assmebly and test procedures and requirement.

Supply Chain Management: We insist to choose the raw material suppliers of high reputation in their industries. We also require our supplier to follow and passed ISO 9001 management system. We rate the suppliers and our engineers and purchase department will regularly visit them and check the product process and inspections. All the raw materials shall have RoHS and Reach Certification.

Quality Assurance Management: There are 5 people in the quality assurance department, they are taking care of the incoming raw material inspections according to the requirements of technical team and purchase team. They are also doing the process inspections and finished products inspections.

There is patrol inspections time to time every day to check if all the production and test are ongoing according to the requirements and standards.

Besides, the inspection between two process also happened for each process, the next process will check and accept materials only they reach the conditions and requirements of this process. We believer full participation can redue the risk of failure.

Our engineers team will have some random test regular and irregular. They will do the destructive testing such as insertion force test and product life test and  other test which will happen during the R&D period. So that they can ensure the consistency and stability.

“Quality first ” is not a slogan, but existing in all processess. That’s why we have ZERO quality return.


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