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CHAdeMO EV Charging

ChadeMo EV Charging refers to the charging standard for the Japanese market, mainly for DC fast charging. For the AC charging, the connector is the same as SAE J1772 type 1.

What is CHAdeMO EV Charging ?

CHAdeMO is a DC charging standard for electric vehicles. It enables seamless communication between the car and the charger. And it mainly refers to the DC fast charging standard for Japanese electric Vehicles. CHAdeMO protocol enabling charging with 100kW continuous power/ 150-200kW peak power (400A x 500V) was published.

So the most welcomed CHAdeMO charging cable is 125A and 200A for CHAdeMO DC Fast Charging.

For AC Charging, Japanese electric vehicles are adapting the SAE J1772 Type 1 connector and sockets.

Products List for CHAdeMO EV Charging

For CHAdeMO EV Charging, we mainly produce the charging cables and charging connectors from 80A to 200A.

chademo charging cable

CHAdeMO EV Charging Cable with 125A/200A,500VDC/1000VDC

chademo to gbt adaptor

CHAdeMO to GB/t Charging Adaptor for the GB/t EV owners

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Advantages and Features

Easiy to install green
Easy to Install
UV Resistance
UV Resistance
Flame Resistance

Why You Can trust Us?

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With 20+ years of experience in Lifting cable and special cable industries. millions of cables are manufactured by our factory. In 2015, our factory started the OEM service of ev charging cables and became the trusted supplier to some famous brands with constantly stable quality.

All the cables and chargers are manufactured according to the IATF 16949 and ISO 9001 international quality management system and insist the PDCA circles ensure quality and stability.

It’s the tradition to grow with the market and grow with the customers. Miles is not only a supplier but also a partner.

IEC 62196-2 EV Charging manufacturer
Professional EV Charging Manufacturer

FAQs for CHAdeMO EV Charging

Here are some most asked questions about CHAdeMO EV Charging, you can find out if these are what you also want to ask. If your question is not on the list, please contact us to get answer from us.

What is the maximum charging power for CHAdeMO?
What is the standard voltage for CHAdeMO charging?

Generally, the voltage for CHAdeMO to GB/t Charging Adaptor DC charger is between 200V to 1000V. But the voltage is decided by the BMS of the electric vehicle. Different EVs has a different design for the charging voltage. All our CHAdeMO Cables are designed to work for a maximum voltage of 1000VDC.

What's the delivery period for the CHAdeMO connector?

It depends on the quantity and production schedule of our factory. But we will arrange the fast delivery as we can.

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