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As long as global warming, reducing carbon emissions has become a common mission for all mankind. The energy revolution is taking place in earnest around the world. All countries have declared timetables for banning the sale of fuel vehicles and shifting to clean energy sources such as electric and hydrogen vehicles.

Electric vehicles are taking more and more positions over fuel vehicles, at the same time, the ev charging infrastructure is also blooming. As an ev charging cable manufacturer, over one million pocs of ev charging cables have been produced over the past 7 years. EV chargers would become a home appliance in the future if all the fuel vehicles have been shifted to electric cars.

Miles Energy are manufacturing and supplies various standards of ev charging cables, ev charging sockets, and portable ev chargers under IATF 16949 and ISO 9001  quality management systems.

IEC 62196-2 EV Charging Cables and Sockets

Type 2 EV Charging Plug ECO

Up to 22kw/32A/3 phase

9 Products Found.

IEC 62196-3 DC Charging Cable

2 Products Found.

CHAdeMO DC Charging Cable

2 Products Found.

SAE J1772 Type1 EV Charging Cable

5 Products Found.

Wallbox EV Charger

Advantages and Features


All the ev charging cables adopted TPU material, which is eco-friendly and recyclable and RoHS and Reach certified.

UV Resistance
UV Resistance

All the materials are strictly selected and tested to be UV resistance and avoided material aging.

Flame Resistance

All the materials are to be flame resistance UL V-0 degree. It ensures the safety of the daily charging.

Easiy to install green
Easy to Install

All the products are designed to follow the principle to be easier to install and reduce the labor work.

Logo Customization Serice -Help You Build Your Brand

Miles Energy always keeps a flexible space for our customers to build your great brand. Therefore, we are providing the logo customization service with NO MOQ, even for samples from the beginning.


laser Printing
Cable Color

Cable Customization- Cable Color, Spiral Cable

As customers will have unique requirements for his brand expression with different colors and shapes. Miles Energy is providing various colors such as Green, Blue, Orange, black, or customized colors with low MOQ.

Spiral cables are retractable and easy for collecting. Miles Energy provides spiral cables to fit some special working scenarios. Special cables can work longer distances, but easier to reduce the storage space and circle works.

OEM & ODM Solutions for EV Charger

The key engineers have over 10 years of experience in EV charging cables and EV chargers industries. Miles Energy has a professional R&D team including 20+ engineers for OEM and ODM solutions from hardware design, structure design, and software programs.

We are already supplying the ODM and manufacturing portable ev chargers and wall box ev chargers for some famous brands.


Why Choose Miles EV Charging Cables ?

Miles workshop view
ECO Pakcage

As a professional cable manufacturer, our factory has over 20 years experience of in lift cable production, and over 7 years of experience in EV Charging Cables production. Safety and quality is life. We have ZERO quality complaint returns.

Our engineers utilize robust and eco-friendly raw materials in the production of our units. Together with innovative technology and equipment, we make high-quality output. Great for both commercial and residential applications

If you have any questions or would want to place an order, please contact us. Our knowledgeable sales are ready to help you.

IEC 62196-2 EV Charging manufacturer
Professional EV Charging Manufacturer

Over 20 years in the cable business, Over 7 years in the EV Charging Cable business, ISO Certification.

Miles Energy are manufacturing Premium Quality EV Charging cables, plugs & sockets, and ev chargers.

EV Charging Cables and EV Charger-FAQs

You can find some FAQs for some most asked questions related to EV Charging products.  If you can’t find your answers, please free to contact us to get more information.

Is your EV Charging Products safe for the users?

Milion of cables has been delivered into the EU market for past years, and the feedback is pretty good with our competitive price and reliable quality. There are ZERO safety issues until today. ” Create sustainable value to our customer” is our core value. We hope to grow with our customers with fast response, flexible service, and focused on ev charging industry.

What's your monthly production capacity ?

Our factory is capable to manufacture 20,000 PCS AC Charging Cables, 1000 PCS DC Charging Cables, and 5000PCs EV Chargers.

What's your MOQ for logo customization ?

We have no MOQ for logo customization service.

What's your MOQ for ODM and OEM for ev charger?

The MOQ for EV Charger is 1000 PCs + R&D cost + Moulding Cost + Certification Cost , which are according to the actual cost.

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