Magic 3.6 Portable EV Charger

The Magic 3.6 Portable EV Charger is the first ev charger we customize for customers with Max 3.6kw only, it can match all the basic charging outside during travel with various input plugs.

  • Waterproof Dustproof
  • Safe Charging
  • Best Cost-Price Ratio

Magic 3.6 Portable EV Charger

The Magic 3.6 Portable EV Charger is our first design of a portable EV charger. It can charge a maximum of 3.6 kw/1 phase in IEC and GB/t standards. 3.6 kW max for J1772 level 2. Simple and stable.

  • Rated current: 6A/8A/10A/13A/16A
  • Rated voltage: 110V, 220V, or 230V
  • Current adjustable
  • Rated Power: 3.6kw
  • Mechanical life:  no-load plug>10000times
  • Cable materials: TPU
  • Leakage protection: Type A +6mA DC
  • Cable length: 4.5m or customized


Model No. E10-E(Europe) E10-U(North America) E10-G(China)
Rated Voltage TN/IT/TT:220-240V 110V-250V 220V
Input Current SCHUKO Plug (230V, 16A) NEMA5-15 (125V,15A) 16A
BS Plug (240V, 13A) NEMA 6-20(125V,20A)
Output Power Max. 3.6kW Max.3.6kw Max.3.5kw
Charging Mode Mode 2
Charging Interface IEC 62196-2 Type 2 Plug SAE J1772 Type 1 Plug GB/t Plug
Standby Power ≤3W ≤3W ≤3W
IP Rating IP65 NEMA 4R IP65
IK Rating IK08 IK08 IK08
RCD/CCID Type A+DC 6mA CCID20 Type A+DC 6mA
Voltage Resistance AC2000V or DC2500V ≤ 10 mA
Flame Resistance UL94-V0
Protections Short circuit protection, overcurrent Protection, surge protection, Undervoltage Protection, Ground fault protection, Ground fault warning (TT, TN), Thermal Protection
Operating Temp. -30 °C to +50 °C -22°F to 122 °F -30 °C to +50 °C
Storage Temp. -40 °C to +80 °C -40°F to 176 °F -40 °C to +80 °C
Color Blue or Customized Color
portable ev charger 3.6

Features of the Pony Series Portable EV Charger

Pony Portable EV Charger is our first design of portable ev charger and is well accepted by some local and international companies.

  • Stable and reliable performance to help EV owners charge their EVs as simply as possible
  • Multiple input plug options are available to fit different charging scenarios
  • Current adjustable can fit all kinds of charging scenarios
  • UL94-V0 flame resistance and multiple protections to ensure the charging safety

Application for Magic 3.6 Portable EV Charger

The Magic 3.6 portable EV charger will be one of your best EV Charging options in Europe. It can be residential charging at home installed on the wall or occasionally charging outside at any place with a normal socket together with the plug accessories.

  • Charging by appointment allows charging to start when you want it to
  • Adjustable current to suit any scenario
  • Plug-and-charge makes charging easy
  • Fit all PHEVs and BEVs in Europe
ev charging
Happy charging

2 Years' Warranty Ensure Safe Charging

Miles Energy offers 2 years of free warranty services for the Magic 3.6 EV Charger, During the warranty period, we provide:

  • Free replacement if there is a quality problem.
  • 24-month warranty period
  • 24-hour * 7 after-sales support
  • Continuous and sustainable improvement
Let's Make the Planet Greener Together!

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Most asked questions for

Pony Series Portable EV Charger


Can I purchase the IC-PCD Box only and assembly with our own cable?

We can offer dismounted box solutions and cable customization solutions.

What is IC-PCD ?

IC-CPD stands for In Cord – Control and Protection Device. It is another way of describing the mode 2 portable ev chargers.

The box in the middle contains electronics to make sure that the EV is charged safely. Such as multiple protections like leakage protection, RCDs, shortage protection, overcurrent protection, overheat protection, surge protection, etc.

What's the MOQ for Logo customization of Pony Series Portable EV Charger?

We are providing a free service to our customers for logo printing customization. What you need to do is send us your original logo file. BTW, due to the laser printing process, only black and white colors are available for the logo on the connectors.

On the box, we will make a silk print outside, which requires a patent for silk print.

What's your delivery period of Pony Series Portable EV Charger?

It takes 5-7 days for samples and 15–25 days for bulk orders, depending on the quantity and production shedule. But if you need it urgently, we can apply the urgently production process for these kind of orders.

What's your package of Pony Series Portable EV Charger ?

It’s an eco-friendly and recyclable corrugated carton, and we can also customize the color package.

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