Vehicle to Load (V2L)

Vehicle to load (V2L) makes your electric vehicle to be a power station in the wild.

What is Vehicle to load (V2L) Charging ?

V2X, the general term for bi-directional charging technology for electric vehicles, is distinguished by different times depending on where the electricity from the electric vehicle is used, including V2G (Vehicle-to-Grid), V2H (Vehicle-to-Home), V2B (Vehicle-to-build/business), V2V ( Vehicle-to-Vehicle), V2L (Vehicle-to-Load), V2F (Vehicle-to-Factory), V2B (Vehicle-to-Building), etc. This is in fact the result of different usage scenarios and meeting diverse user needs. In essence, of course, it is all the same, using electric vehicles as a decentralized power source to power different loads. This can also be said to be a form of distributed energy storage.

The V2V and V2L are similar in principle but differ in terms of the objects to be powered and the scenarios in which they are used. V2V is used for vehicle-to-vehicle applications, for replenishing power to user vehicles, and for emergency rescue. V2L on the other hand is used for field lighting, picnic scenarios, etc. Currently, most domestic models have V2V and V2L functions.

V2L theory


Vehicle to Load (V2L) Product

The V2L products include the discharging connectors with sockets. As there are 3 standards of connectors including the IEC 62196 type 2, SAE J1772 Type 1, and GB/t. So Miles provides these 3 standards of V2L products with different connectors.


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UV Resistance
UV Resistance
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Over 21 years in the cable business, Over 7 years in the EV Charging Cable business, ISO Certification, Premium Quality EV Charging cables, plugs and  sockets. Affordable Prices.


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