EV Fast Charging Cable

Miles Energy is supply top quality EV Fast Charging Cable including CCS Combo 1, CCS Combo 2, GB/T, and CHAdeMO DC charging cables.

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  • CHAdeMO charging cable (1)
  • gbt ev charging cable
  • CCS 1 PLUG
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  • CHAdeMO charging cable (1)
  • gbt ev charging cable
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EV Fast Charging Cable

  • Rated current:80A, 125A, 150A, 200A, 250A,300A
  • Charging Connector: CCS1, CCS2,GB/T, CHAdeMO
  • Operation voltage:1000V DC
  • Mechanical life: no-load plug-in/pull-out>10000 times
  •  Operating temperature: -30°C-+50°C
  •  Case Material: Thermoplastic, flame retardant grade UL94V-0
  •  Contact bush: Copper alloy, silver plating
  •  Insulation resistance:>500MΩ(DC1000V)
  •  Withstand Voltage:3000V
  • Pin Materials:  Copper Alloy & Silver Plating

What is EV Fast Charging Cable ?

In past years, the number of users of electric vehicles was growing rapidly worldwide. All the countries declared the timeline to ban the sales of fuel vehicles, at the same time, the vehicles OEM also followed the timeline and promote their electric vehicles positively. But the ev charging infrastructure became one of the problems influencing the growth of EVs. So energy companies like BP Pulse, and Shell took part in the development of ev charging infrastructure. EV fast charging is the best way to solve the anxiety of the ev drivers.

Right now the ev fast charging station is from 40kw to 360kw. It’s also related to the charging speed of the battery. “Charging as fast as the fuel adding ” is the voice of the ev drivers.

The ev fast charging cable is designed for these ev fast charging stations from 80A to 500A/1000VDC. There are 4 different connectors for ev fast charging cables including CCS Combo 1 for North America, CCS Combo 2 for Europe and other places, GB/T for China, CHAdeMO for Japan.

Miles Energy is manufacturing the durable and high waterproof and quality fast ev charging cables, which can match various working scenarios. Flexible service to handle the cable ends to help you simplify the installation and maintenance work.

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What is EV Fast Charging Cable ?

For CCS 2, the most popular charging cable are 200A, 250A, and 300A for public fast charging.

For CCS1, the most popular charging cable are 80A, 125A,150A, and 200A for public fast charging.

CCS 1 Conectors

CCS1 EV Fast Charging Cable for North America market from Current 60A to 200A.

ccs 2 connector

CCS2 EV Fast Charging Cable is for the European market from 80A to 300A.

chademo charging cable

CHAdeMO EV Fast Charging Cable is for Japanese EVs from 80A to 200A.

gbt dc charging cable

GBT EV Fast Charging Cable is for China market from 80A to 300A.

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Advantages and Features

Easiy to install green
Easy to Install
UV Resistance
UV Resistance
Flame Resistance


DC Public charging
Public Fast Charging

EV Fast Charging Cables are applicable for the DC fast charging stations for public fast charging. Easy-hold design to make the charging easier during the plug-in. Public Charging means high-frequency usage and 10000 charging life circles ensure durability and stability.

ccs1 plug and connectors
Residential Fast Charging

More and more small DC Charging stations are becoming popular for all kinds of charging scenarios, such as hotels, parks, shopping malls, and homes. Miles EV fast Charging Cables with high standards and 100% testing before delivery can help make sure safe charging.

IEC 62196-2 EV Charging manufacturer
EV Fast Charging Cable Manufacturer and Supplier

With over 30 years in lift cable production, Over 7 years in EV Charging Cable manufacturing, Skilled employees, and a knowledgeable engineering team can solve your questions about EV Charging.

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