Abbreviations for EV Charging Business

When we read industry articles or technical specifications, we often encounter a puzzling question: What does this abbreviation stand for? Because abbreviations of a few letters can have countless combinations, and the meaning of each abbreviation within different industries can be entirely different. Today, we have prepared some abbreviations that may be encountered in the electric vehicle charging industry, along with their meanings.

Abbreviations Full Words
AC Alternating Current
CAN Controller Area Network
CCS Combined Charging System
CCU Charging Control Unit
CDF Common Data Format
CGMES Common Grid Model Exchange Specification
CIM Common Information Model
CharIN Charging Interface Initiative e.V.
CP Control Pilot
CPO Charge Point Operator
DC Direct Current
DL Diagram Layout
DSO Distributed System Operator
eMSP e-Mobility Service Provider
EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility
EQ Equipment
EQBD Equipment Boundary
EU European Union
EV Electric Vehicle
EVSE Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment
FC Fast Charging
GL Geographical Layout
GIS Geographic Information System
GNE Generic Network Element
HLC High Level Communication
HPC High Power Charging
IEC International Electrotechnical Commission
IOP InterOperability
ISO International Organization for Standardization
LLC Low Level Communication
NSP Navigation Service Provider
OBC On Board Charger
OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer, here automotive manufacturers
OCPP Open Charge Point Protocol
PLC Power Line Communication
PWM Pulse Width Modulation
RFID Radio-Frequency Identification
SCSP Smart Charging Service Provider
SOC State Of Charge
SoTA State of the Art
SSH Steady State Hypothesis
SV State Variables
TP Topology
TPBD Topology Boundary
UMEI Universal Market Interface
V1G Unidirectional charging
V2G Vehicle-to-Grid
V2H Vehicle-to-Home
V2B Vehicle-to-Building
V2X Vehicle-to-everything
VCU Vehicle Control Unit
WP Work Package
BMS Battery Management System

Welcome to add if you meet other abbreviation words.

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